Thursday, March 31, 2011

25 Weeks

We are quickly approaching the due date! Yikes! It was exciting to get up there in the weeks, but now, the countdown is looking a little scary. I have so many things to do and I'm getting a flood of appointments for July...which is odd since that is usually the slow time.

We finally put up our Little Misses crib!! It looks so weird to walk by her room and just see the crib in her empty room. We'll be buying her dresser and nightstand next week and her bedding should be ready any day. I will post pictures when everything is installed.

We are headed to Las Vegas tomorrow for a little fun at the American Country Music Awards. I feel a little weird knowing that my daughter will be tagging along. LOL!! I'm hoping to make it to the old Vegas sign to snap a 26 week photo, but we'll see how our weekend goes.

Well, here's the ever growing belly! I can really feel her twisting and turning around in there. It's the most bizarre feeling when she does a full on body stomach gets really tight! She still seems to be loving my right side, which I learned is where my liver is! Apparently, it's warm over there, so I defiantly know she is my daughter! I am always cold!!

3-26-2011 25 Weeks

Lindsay & George

These two are new to my camera, but you'll see them again in a couple months. They are adorable and such great kids. Their mom and I ran together in the fall, so it was good to see her again and catch up.

3-19-2011 Katy Tulips (2) copyweb

3-19-2011 Katy Tulips (12) copyweb

3-19-2011 Katy Tulips (10) copyweb


Mr. David is also another kiddo I have been photographing since he was born. He is such a ham and quite good at the Hot Potato song. It was great to see this family again!

Such a little man!
3-19-2011 David Tulips (11) copyweb

3-19-2011 David Tulips (12) copyweb

3-19-2011 David Tulips (2) copyweb


What a little sweetie! I have been taking Miss Charlotte's pictures since she was born, so every time I get to see her is so exciting. She is growing up so fast and has quite the vocabulary for a 17 month old...and a cute little voice to go along.

3-17-2011 Charlotte Tulips (4) copyweb

3-17-2011 Charlotte Tulips (18) copyweb

Charlotte425 copyweb

Charlotte513 copyweb


Check out this cute lil redhead! She reminds me of Pebbles. Miss Zoey had a great time in the tulips and I had a great time catching up with her mama. :-)

3-19-2011 Zoe Tulips (7) copyweb

3-19-2011 Zoe Tulips (3) copyweb

3-19-2011 Zoe Tulips (5) copyweb

Friday, March 25, 2011

24 Weeks

Ok, so I'm only slightly panicking about the length of time left. There are so many things to do!! I'm probably freaking out about nothing...

We had our 24 week dr appointment and everything looks good! Our next appointment will be the dreaded glucose test...which my dr was so kind to send me packing with a nice orange bottle of liquid. Yum! Can't wait to drink that! UGH!! The nurse tried to make it better by saying "it tastes better a flat sunkiss". Hmmm.

It looks like the Little Miss has a nice weight and so does her mama! I am psyched that throughout this entire pregnancy, I have only gained 7lbs!

I know I'm late posting this because 25 weeks is here in 2 days, but here ya go. The ever growing belly. And let's just say that now that Little Miss is getting bigger, whenever she makes a big move, it's just a little painful.

3-20-2011 24 Weeks

A&A~Dallas Arboretum Tulips

If you haven't been to the Dallas Arboretum, you must go! The tulips are amazing and everything is starting to look like Spring! I had the pleasure of photographing these two cuties the other day.

3-17-2011 Walden Tulips (13) copyweb

Walden130 copyweb

3-17-2011 Walden Tulips (25) copyweb

3-17-2011 Walden Tulips (31) copyweb

3-17-2011 Walden Tulips (17) copyweb

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Aiden has seriously got to be one of the easiest newborns I have ever photographed! He was the best sleeper and loved to be all curled up!

Aiden123bw copyweb

3-2-2011 Aiden Newborn (2) copyweb

3-2-2011 Aiden Newborn (7) copyweb

3-2-2011 Aiden Newborn (13) copyweb

Grant & Sophie

My favorite family is back for more pictures. I haven't seen them in a couple months and I was seriously going thru withdrawals. These two are the sweetest, funniest kids ever and have amazing parents. Sophie usually greets me at the door with a big jump into my arms. I always enjoy my times with them and am so glad that their mom is a photo fanatic like me. :-)

2-20-2011 Laurie (47) copyweb

2-20-2011 Laurie (52) copyweb

2-20-2011 Laurie (33) copyweb

2-20-2011 Laurie (38) copyweb

2-20-2011 Laurie (11) copyweb

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

23 Weeks

Well, 23 weeks down, 17 more to go! I cannot believe it. I also cannot believe how big my belly has gotten in just the last month. At least I don't have stretch marks (fingers crossed)!!

So new news is that we are finished with the nursery!! Big props go out to my husband. He has never hung chair rail and I must say, for a first timer...he did a fabulous job! Although, he has said that if I ever mention hanging chair rail again, he will file for divorce. :-) It was a pain to get done, but it was worth it. I cannot wait to get the crib and dresser assembled. I'm giving him a break from honeydo projects for now.

Other than my growing belly, no new and exciting news to report. We've been busy with baby stuff and I'm booking appointments like crazy! I am gearing up for my tulip mini this weekend. It feels good to get back outside and shoot. There has been a wave of newborns lately. Apparently, there really IS something in the water.

005 copyweb

2-25-2011 Nursery (3) copyweb

2-25-2011 Nursery (5) copyweb
After! The room is so much brighter!!

005-1 copyweb

004-1 copyweb

Friday, March 11, 2011

22 Weeks

22 weeks has come and I'm extremely late in posting this picture since 23 weeks is on Sunday! Oops! Things have been great. She is still a kicking machine and has even managed to literally take my breath away. Talk about the most bizarre feeling!

We have our next doctors appointment in 11 days! It's another huge milestone! She will reach the age of viability. It will be a huge relief to know that "if" anything happened, she would have a good chance at surviving outside the womb.
So here's my big belly! It seems to grow overnight. I'm a little nervous about what the scale will say next week. Eek!! It's a good thing I am still running and working out!!

22 Weeks

Happy 1st Birthday Noah!

I can't believe this little cutie is 1 year old! They came all the way from Tyler to have pictures done and I was super excited to see how big he was. He's a full fledged walker...well, runner! :) Hope mom and dad enjoy their pictures.

2-19-2011 Noah 1st Birthday (16) copyweb

2-19-2011 Noah 1st Birthday (6) copyweb

2-19-2011 Noah 1st Birthday (8) copyweb

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

21 Weeks

I'm seriously late in posting the 21 weeks photo considering that it's already time to do the 22 week photo, but better late than never. If you follow me on Facebook, then you already got a sneak peek. :)

This past weekend we started working on the nursery. My in laws came and helped us paint. We decided to do a chocolate brown on the bottom with a creamy beige on the top and a chair rail. Well, let's just say that we may have possibly bit off a little more than we could chew. My husband did a fantastic job at getting all the miter cuts perfectly cut, but our problem came in nailing them to the wall. Our hammer and nails weren't cutting it, so we're hoping to enlist a friend's help to finish it.

So I will leave you with a pic of my ever growing belly! :)

2-28-2011 21 Weeks

Friday, March 4, 2011


This sweet family came to visit me on the most beautiful and perfect day! We had been having some cruddy weather and right before their session, the sun came out and made for a beautiful session. I can't wait to see this location when it's all green.

I had such a great time with Miss Audrey & Miss Caroline. They are both little sweeties!!

Georgous Family!

Amy149 copyweb

Miss Audrey

Amy032 copyweb

Miss Caroline

Amy185 copyweb

Tulip Minis

Only 4 more spaces available! First come, first serve!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Sweet little Brynn was such a delight to photograph. Her mom had some beautiful props for me to use and I am so happy at how everything came together.

This is not my hat, but I have a feeling that I'm going to need to purchase it since it will probably get requested. :)

Lori002 copyweb

Haarmeyer098 copyweb

Haarmeyer133 copyweb

Lori012 copyweb

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