Tuesday, September 27, 2011

3 Months

Happy 3 months to my little peanut! She's getting so big! She's already rolling over and doing really well hanging out on her tummy. She's a great sleeper and has even given me a couple "sleep thru the night" nights.

Here's her monthly rabbit photo
DSC_7153-1 copyweb

My brother came into town, so I got some fun shots of all the cousins...they are 3 months apart and all the same size!

262-1 copyweb

My little cow
238-1 copyweb

205-1 copyweb

223-1 copyweb

Friday, September 9, 2011

My favorite cuties are back!

Someone lost a tooth!

8-16-2011 Brashear (28) copyweb

Miss Sophie is helping out! Holding my baby girl while I did pictures of her brother

8-16-2011 Brashear (46) copyweb

8-16-2011 Brashear (56) copyweb

8-16-2011 Brashear (38) copyweb

Happy 1st Birthday Luke

Another babyplanner graduates. :-(

8-23-2011 Luke 1st Birthday (7) copyweb

8-23-2011 Luke 1st Birthday (24) copyweb

8-23-2011 Luke 1st Birthday (19) copyweb

8-23-2011 Luke 1st Birthday (23) copyweb

Ella & Bella

How adorable are these twins?!

8-24-2011 Sosa (14) copyweb


8-24-2011 Sosa (19) copyweb


8-24-2011 Sosa (21) copyweb

8-24-2011 Sosa (33) copyweb


These sweet girls were my first session back from maternity leave! How fun! Little Stella is a week younger than my baby girl.

8-14-2011 Shooner (4) copyweb

8-14-2011 Shooner (18) copyweb

8-14-2011 Shooner (28) copyweb

It's been too long...

My poor neglected blog. I need to get better about blogging, but between going back to work and a newborn, my life has been crazy! I promised some pictures of Abigail, so I'll do a little catch up. There are so many cute ones and if you follow me on facebook, you've seen many of them. Please add me on facebook. Many times I announce mini sessions there before I release them here.

So here are some newborn photos that were taken of Abigail at 4 days old. Done by the talented Melissa Zihlman (http://www.melissazihlman.com/).






Because we are Longhorn Fans!



This girl has some long runners legs



1 Month Old


2 Months Old


011-1 copyweb

She has my blue eyes!!


I purchased a 16x20 canvas of this picture for her room.


I think that's enough photos of my baby girl. There are so many cute ones!

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