Thursday, September 11, 2008

Arkansas-Part 2

Sometimes it's just fun to take a break from shooting people and just shoot "stuff"!! Fortunately for me, my grandparents have alot of "stuff"!!!! I love their yard! 90% of the stuff shot was in their yard!!

My granny loves her turtle

I wish I could gather this pile of "stuff" and take it to Dallas!!

Good ole' Beebe, Arkansas!

Love the contrast in this!

Couldn't leave without a shot of the tracks!
This beauty is a piece of work! Can we say 8 photos merged into one!!! YAY!
On my way to the airport, there's a great, super awesome field. It screamed at me to stop and I'm so glad I did!!!! Thank you Hurricane Gustav (think I'm the only one saying this) for the awesome clouds!!
Don't know what these are, but my granny loves them!
This picture is for my granny!

This is a doggie grave. They lost their beloved Lady dog this year.
This screamed "take pics of me"!!!!
Can you imagine this with a baby in it!!!
Um, don't know why there is a giant RAT trap attached to a tree....
Lovin this!!

If you've ever wondered....

Why photographer's are so this article/blog.

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