Friday, June 10, 2011

The Man Pack!

Poor mom is outnumbered by all her boys, but she wouldn't trade them in for anything!! How handsome are these studs?

5-14-2011 Williamson Family (52) copyweb

Sweet Dylan is 1 Years Old!!!!

5-14-2011 Williamson Family (36) copyweb

5-14-2011 Williamson Family (62) copyweb

Just a Mom & her kids!

Aren't they a beautiful family?

5-14-2011 Myatt (30) copyweb

5-14-2011 Myatt (12) copyweb

5-14-2011 Myatt (28) copyweb

35 Weeks

35 Weeks done and gone and I am so ready! I know every pregnant woman probably says that, but seriously...I am done. I am having a really hard time getting comfortable and it seems the only comfortable positions are on my back or in my car. Weird, I know, but both locations make it difficult to finish up my work. I want to have all my sessions edited and out the door before our Little Miss makes her appearance.

Nothing new and exciting to report. She is moving a little less, mostly lack of space I suppose and I'm thinking this little stinker is going to be tall like her daddy. I swear those feet can wrap all around my side and touch my spine sometimes!

We toured the Labor & Delivery floor this week. We even got to see a couple fresh babies! Everything seems to be coming so quickly now and my "to do" list is getting pretty long!

35 Weeks copyweb

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