Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Lots more for this session, but only a few I can share! 
8-11-2013 Graham Tappan-17-1web 8-11-2013 Graham Tappan-34-1web

Abigail~2 Years

I don't post many pictures of my daughter on the blog, but there have been some fun ones the past couple months that I'm dying to share!  I am absolutely OBSESSED with sunflowers.  For the past 2 years, I have missed them (dying or too hot), but this year, I managed to find a couple "cool weather" days to finally get Abigail's pictures done.  
Abigail Dorn-2 Years-1 7-22-2013 Abigail bathtub sunflowers-35-1web 7-22-2013 Abigail bathtub sunflowers-30-1web 7-22-2013 Abigail bathtub sunflowers-10-1web 7-10-2013 Abigail Sunflowers-20-1webweb 6-17-2013-19-1sunflareweb 6-17-2013-12-1funflareweb 6-17-2013-2-1web

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