Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kate & Henry~Bluebonnets

Gotta love Texas Bluebonnets! It was so great to see these cuties again for pictures. They have both gotten so big!

Betsy414 copyweb

Betsy392 copyweb

Louis Family

How adorable and cute is this family? I had such a great time with them and their kids were so well behaved! I secretly hope that my daughter looks just like this little gal! Blue eyes and curls!! Kill me now!

Louis157 copyweb

4-12-2011 Louis (19) copyweb

4-12-2011 Louis (8) copyweb

4-12-2011 Louis (2) copyweb

29 Weeks

Happy Easter from me and my big belly!

Not much is new and exciting this week. I did pass my glucose test, so no GD for me!!

4-24-2011 29 Weeks

Friday, April 22, 2011


I love this time of year! The bluebonnets are amazing and all these sessions are shot in the most magical light! Mr. Cooper and his family drove all the way from Haslet for pictures! I am so blessed to have amazing people that are willing to drive that far! Thank you!! I hope you enjoy your pictures as much as I do!!

4-10-2011 Cooper Bluebonnets (16) copyweb

4-10-2011 Cooper Bluebonnets (12) copy

4-10-2011 Cooper Bluebonnets (6) copyweb

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

28 Weeks

Ok, I promise that my butt and legs have not grown since the last's totally the baggy pants! I am sure that my belly has grown though. Today was my 28 week checkup and the dreaded glucose test. I have to say though, that the fake orange sunkiss stuff wasn't too bad. It tasted okay until about halfway through and then it hit me. The test results will be ready tomorrow, so I'll find out if I have gestational diabetes or not. Let's hope NOT!!

I am now reaching that point in my pregnancy when I get to see my OB every 2 weeks. I have a feeling that this every other week visit will only make the remaining time go by even much to do!!

4-19-2011 28 Weeks

27 Weeks

Yet again I am behind in posting this picture, but at least they get taken on time. This week was great! We bought her dresser and nightstand. My in laws came up to help build our new additions and I have to say...the nursery is looking great!! I cannot wait to get her bedding put in. I am trying to decide if I should post pictures with just the furniture or wait until the bedding is here. Thoughts?

4-11-2011 27 Weeks


Look at this little sweetie! Mr. Daniel has the BEST blue eyes...but I'm a little partial. :)

3-19-2011 Daniel Tulips (2) copyweb

3-19-2011 Daniel Tulips (4) copyweb

3-19-2011 Daniel Tulips (11) copyweb

~B~ Family

LOVE this family!! It's so great that I get to see so many repeat clients! I really do enjoy watching them grow up!

3-19-2011 Laurie Tulips (8)web copy

3-19-2011 Laurie Tulips (2)web copy

3-19-2011 Laurie Tulips (4)web copy


How cute and adorable is this little guy? Once he fell asleep, he was putty in my long as we didn't lay him on his tummy! He's defiantly a back sleeper!

I've been holding off on posting his newborns so mom could get her birth announcements out...I didn't want to spoil anything! Enjoy!

3-20-2011 Cooper Newborn (6)web copy

3-20-2011 Cooper Newborn (8)web copy

3-20-2011 Cooper Newborn (15)web copy

3-20-2011 Cooper Newborn (37)web copy

3-20-2011 Cooper Newborn (39)web copy

Friday, April 8, 2011

26 Weeks Vegas Style!

Yes...we took our unborn daughter to Vegas! We had an opportunity to attend the Academy of Country Music Awards that is held in Vegas each year...Thank you Dr. Pepper!! We stayed at the amazing MGM Signature (thankfully away from all the casinos and smoke). We decided to use this trip as a baby moon, so we flew out Friday evening and came back Monday evening. It was so good to just get away and spend some time with my hubby. We've been to Vegas before, so it was nice to just wander the strip and not feel like we had to see all the sights. The Little Miss was good to me! I had enough energy to walk for 2.5 hours in the hot sun! I even got a little pool time in too!

Here's our 26 week photo in front of the Bellagio. I could stare at those fountains forever! They are so cool!!

4-2-2011 26 Weeks Vegas

I was so excited to wear a real dress...this is NOT a maternity dress! Score!!

4-3-2011 Vegas ACMA  (40)

Oh yea! We are there!!! So exciting!!

4-3-2011 Vegas ACMA  (12)

A little Martina McBride

4-3-2011 Vegas ACMA  (24)

Ronnie Dunn

4-3-2011 Vegas ACMA  (21)

Miranda Lambert

4-3-2011 Vegas ACMA  (17)

Lady Antebellum private concert the night before. I'm a huge fan!!!

4-2-2011 ACMA Vegas (91)

Partying it up at Lady Antebellum concert

4-2-2011 ACMA Vegas (88)


4-2-2011 ACMA Vegas (53)

I got to meet Randy Rogers!!! Excuse the crazy eyes! :)

4-1-2011 ACMA Vegas

Allie & Jackson

I love me some redheads! They are always full of spunk and Miss Allie did not disappoint! She even gave my little miss some lovin' by rubbing my belly and giving her a kiss. Such a sweetie!! Mr. Jackson is such a little handsome stud!

3-19-2011 Amy Tulips (3) copyweb

3-19-2011 Amy Tulips (11) copyweb

Padgham Family Bluebonnets

April is always such an exciting time in Texas. It's the start of Bluebonnet season! These are the most beautiful flowers that I have ever seen and are made even more special by the fact that they don't last long. I have lots of kiddos lined up for some bluebonnet pictures, but this adorable family got to have first dibs! This is my new, secret field!!

I am loving how all these turned out! And if you wondered why they are always done so late in the evening....well, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

4-6-2011 Paige Bluebonnets1

4-6-2011 Paige Bluebonnets


Miss Sawyer is 2!! She wasn't much in the mood for pictures, but you would never know it! Happy birthday little cutie!

3-19-2011 Sawyer Tulips (6) copyweb

3-19-2011 Sawyer Tulips (7) copyweb

Lily, Katy, John & Morgan

This sweet little family is so special to me! Mom and I are great fact, I lived with them when I first moved to Dallas. Morgan was just 4 months old and now she's the big sister!

3-17-2011 Newton Tulips copyweb

3-17-2011 Newton Tulips (18) copyweb

3-17-2011 Newton Tulips (20) copyweb

Lydia & James

What cuties these two were! James has spouted since the last time I saw him and Lydia is just as sweet as ever.

3-19-2011 Line Tulips (11) copyweb

3-19-2011 Line Tulips (23) copyweb

3-19-2011 Line Tulips (4) copyweb

Jack, Carter & Davis

This mom is a rock star!! I have no idea how she survives with 3 boys! They are all super adorable and I had such a great time with them. I especially enjoyed dad's version of the Justin Bieber song Baby, Baby. It got the boys dancing!

3-19-2011 Dent Tulips (9) copyweb

3-19-2011 Dent Tulips (3) copyweb

3-19-2011 Dent Tulips (5) copyweb

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bluebonnet Minis

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