Friday, July 30, 2010

Upcoming Fall Schedule

My fall schedule is filling up fast!!! Here is the fall schedule as it stands for now. It's possible that it might change later!

For September, I only have one Sunday (26th) open. I have 2 spots available. I am currently booking any time for the 21st-24th & 27th-Oct. 1st.

October is getting slammed! I am going to do my pumpkin patch pictures a little different this year. Instead of a weekend mini session, I am offering an entire week at mini session price. The sessions will be at the Dallas Arboretum. Sessions are 3o minutes for $108.25 (tax included in price). The dates are Oct. 4th-8th. Sessions start at 9am and end at 4pm. Please email or call 469-952-7407 to book your session.

October weekends are full.

November is becoming just as busy. I am currently booking Nov. 14th. There is a possibility that I will do another studio mini session if there is please let me know.
As of right now, December is open, but limited.

I know this is alot of info, so please don't hesitate to give me a call!

Lottie~9 Months

I can't believe Miss Lottie is 9 months old already! Someone please stop time!

So our session was a complete disaster! Mother nature was totally working against us. It all started with the blazing heat. We were sweating buckets within 5 minutes of arriving at the Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens. Mom went to put Lottie on a super cool wall and next thing I hear is a massive scream "SNAKE"!! So I go to investigate and see if the snake is gone when all of a sudden, I start feeling a burning sensation on my foot...I had stepped on an ant hill. So I take off screaming "ANTS" and seek refuge in a nearby fountain. At that point, the both of us were laughing so hard we couldn't breathe and were still sweating like crazy. So we decided to head for some shade and ended up getting lost! At that point, we decided that we had had enough and headed for some AC! Despite mother nature, we did get some pretty awesome pictures and a pretty funny story! Thanks Ashley for a great memory!

Hello beautiful!




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