Thursday, June 16, 2011

3 Generations

5-15-2011 Tanya (40) copyweb

5-15-2011 Tanya (2) copyweb

5-15-2011 Tanya (41) copyweb

5-15-2011 Tanya (18) copyweb

Tanya485bw copyweb

36 Weeks

I am so glad that the count down is on! This little gal is running out of room. The good news is that I went to the Dr. this week and looks like I'm dilated 1cm! Pretty darn exciting! I know it's not a lot, but that means progress, so I will celebrate this "little" victory!!

Here's my massive belly! Looks like I got talked into some "real" maternity pictures, so I'll be getting those done today. My fabulous friend Brandi Fornof of B4 Photography talked me into getting some done. Should be interesting.

36 Weeks copyweb

I bought this little hat to match her nursery! I'm so excited to have pictures of her in it!
238 copyweb


These sweet boys came all the way from San Diego to visit their cousin and decided to get pictures! I enjoyed getting to meet some new clients and hanging out with some super cool kids!

6-1-2011 Barber (8) copyweb

6-1-2011 Barber (6) copyweb

Shannon161-1 copyweb

Shannon325-1bw copyweb


Finley is the daughter of some dear friends of ours! I had such a great time catching up with them and getting some great shots!

4-13-2011 Finley (15) copyweb

4-13-2011 Finley (28) copyweb

4-13-2011 Finley (9) copyweb

4-13-2011 Finley (14) copyweb

Violet~5 Months

What a little sweetie! She did so good even though it was so HOT!!! Miss Violet has the best blue eyes!!!

6-7-2011 Violet (6) copyweb

6-7-2011 Violet (16) copyweb

6-7-2011 Violet (25) copyweb

Sarah059-1 copyweb


Check out those lips!

Hayden203 copyweb

Hayden226 copyweb

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