Sunday, May 26, 2013

Wildflowers: B Family

I love springtime in Texas!  The wildflowers are always amazing and there are so many different colors to choose from.  My favorite family came out for a quick mini and I'm so glad they did!!  It was amazing!

5-14-2013 Brashear Wildflowers, etc-62-1web 5-14-2013 Brashear Wildflowers, etc-56-1web 5-14-2013 Brashear Wildflowers, etc-41-1web 5-14-2013 Brashear Wildflowers, etc-36-1web 5-14-2013 Brashear Wildflowers, etc-23-1web

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bluebonnet Mini Pictures

It's been a crazy couple of weeks.  Right in the middle of bluebonnet season, I was busy packing my house to make the move to our first house!  We have been living in a small town home and recently started building a house.  It's been an exciting and frustrating time, but it's all finished and we are FINALLY unpacked.  Now to update the blog with a little of what I've been up to on the photography side.

First off, let me say that I love each and every bluebonnet picture I took this year.  I had some fantastic clients come out from all over the metroplex!  It's not every day that you have 3 different clients travel over an hour to have pictures made with you.  Thank you!! 

On to the photos!  Here's a brief preview of some of the pictures...more to come.

My nephews

DSC_6432-1web Bluebonnets-100-1web 4-14-2013 Wilson Bluebonnets-15-1web 4-14-2013 Wilson Bluebonnets-4-1web 

  I've been shooting this gal since she was a newborn

4-14-2013 Perry Bluebonnets-64-1web 
And now she has an adorable brother
  4-14-2013 Perry Bluebonnets-18-1web 4-14-2013 Perry Bluebonnets-2-1web 4-14-2013 Gerhard Bluebonnets-51-1web 4-14-2013 Gerhard Bluebonnets-28-1web 4-14-2013 Gerhard Bluebonnets-21-1web 4-14-2013 Gerhard Bluebonnets-3-1web 4-14-2013 Brashear Bluebonnets-36-1web 4-14-2013 Brashear Bluebonnets-14-1web 4-14-2013 Avery Bluebonnets-14-1web 4-9-2013 McCann Bluebonnets (11)web 4-9-2013 McCann Bluebonnets (1)web 
Me and My Sweetie
 4-7-2013 Abigail Bluebonnets-38-1web 
My husband and Abigail 
4-7-2013 Abigail Bluebonnets-37-1web 
My daughter Abigail
 4-7-2013 Abigail Bluebonnets-34-1web 4-7-2013 Abigail Bluebonnets-11-1web

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