Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tulip Mini

Despite the cold and windy weather...I still managed to get a few smiles from my kiddos. Thank you to everyone that came out for the mini!! 

Shooner-22-1web Kendle-6-1web 3-10-2013 Kendle Tulip Mini (11)web Isa-18-1web Isa-7-1web Georgia-14-1web Georgia-1web Audi-32-1web Audi-30-1web


I LOVE bluebonnets!!!  This is one mini session that gets me giddy!  

Sunday April 14th is SOLD OUT!!  

Wednesday April 9th has 4 open spots!  Times are 6pm, 6:20pm, 7:00pm, & 7:20pm

And because I can't leave a post without a picture....here's one from a couple of years ago that continues to be a favorite!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Is this kid not freaking adorable??
Just some cute kids, tulips, a great day and great friends! 
Abigail Ariston Tulip-31-1web Abigail Ariston Tulip-34-1web Abigail Ariston Tulip-37-1web Abigail Ariston Tulip-39-1web Abigail Ariston Tulip-40-1web Abigail Ariston Tulip-41-1web Abigail Ariston Tulip-43-1web Abigail Ariston Tulip-55-1web Abigail Ariston Tulip-56-1web Abigail Ariston Tulip-59-1web Abigail Ariston Tulip-62-1web Abigail Ariston Tulip-63-1web Abigail Ariston Tulip-67-1web

All mine...in the tulips

I love tulips!  Every year I get the pleasure of photographing all my clients in the tulips.  Last year for Abigail was a disaster.  Not going to lie.   LOL  She was about 9 months old and it was hot, so the one time I drove to the Arboretum to do pictures, she was cranky.  Oh well, but this year, she was perfect!!!  My new gal pal Lisa came along with her son and we got some amazing shots of the kids!

I am so happy about every.single.image!!!  They were all shot in full sun, which has got to be the hardest light to shoot in, but I am loving it! 

Abigail Ariston Tulip-60-1web Abigail Ariston Tulip-49-1web Abigail Ariston Tulip-48-1web Abigail Ariston Tulip-45-1web Abigail Ariston Tulip-28-1web Abigail Ariston Tulip-21-1web Abigail Ariston Tulip-17-1web Abigail Ariston Tulip-11-1web Abigail Ariston Tulip-6-1web Abigail Ariston Tulip-18-1web Abigail Ariston Tulip-51-1web Abigail Ariston Tulip-52-1web

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Stahler Family

What a great family!  We had originally chosen a field for our photos, but with this Texas wind, it just wasn't possible.  Despite everything, we still managed to get some amazing pictures of this sweet family.

2-18-2013 Stahler Family Pictures (27)web 2-18-2013 Stahler Family Pictures (26)web 2-18-2013 Stahler Family Pictures (19)web 2-18-2013 Stahler Family Pictures (13)web 2-18-2013 Stahler Family Pictures (7)web

Ben & Steve

What cuties these two were!  I loved all the clothes that mom brought to their session.  It's always fun to play dress up.

twins11web New-55-1bwweb New-49-1web New-42-1bwweb New-38-1bwweb

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