Monday, February 7, 2011

18 Weeks

18 weeks down already? This pregnancy seems to have flown by so quickly already and I'm sure it will only go faster. I have to say that this baby girl has been very good to me so far and am hoping this is a growing trend as she continues to grow and eventually be born. I still haven't had morning sickness (which I realize is a huge blessing). The bump is continuing to expand little by little and I'm hoping that I can stay in my regular clothes for just a little bit longer.

I still haven't felt her move yet, but any day now!

2-5-2011 18 Weeks (2)1

17 Weeks

I'm a little behind in posting the 17 week photo. It's been a crazy week!
Our little nugget is doing wonderfully. We saw a specialist in December to determine if there were any abnormalities...this is also the same doctor that at 12 weeks, told us we were having a girl! We received the final set of results this week and our sweet baby girl is completely healthy!! What a relief! I wasn't worried about anything happening to her, but it is nice to have a definite answer.

I have noticed that this week, my bump is poking out a little more. She's making a move upward, which poses a problem with clothes! I can still wear all my clothes, but my shirts seem shorter. LOL

2-3-2011 17 Weeks1

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