Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Grant & Sophie

What an amazing duo! Grant is the perfect big brother and Sophie is this tiny bundle of cuteness!! I had such a great session. They were SOOOO much fun! Thanks mom for letting me move furniture and have run of the house! I'm already looking forward to seeing you again soon!

Happy 1st Birthday Drake!!

I love being a part of a baby's 1st birthday. There's something about watching them grow up that is just so bittersweet! My session last night took me out to Wylie...which is undiscovered territory for me! I'm going to have to go back out there for some more shoots. It's a great town!!
Drake was such a cutie. I love all his long blonde hair and what a personality!! His big sister Bailey came along for some pictures too and was such a help running back and forth to the car! Thanks little lady!
So now on to the pictures!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Graham Family

What a gorgeous day it was Saturday morning. Thanks Graham family for coming out for some pictures. The kids were great!!

Now on to the preview!

What a cute family!

Those are some sweet sisters!

Precious 6 Month old Emma

Miss Megan
Proud we know where the girls get their looks!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Etheridge Family

I am so amazed that this session even took place! We had some torrential storms last night and it rained and lightninged for at least 5 hours, but it ended up being a perfect morning for pictures!! It was around 70 degrees! That's like winter in Texas!

This family was so much fun! They did everything I asked of them and I got great smiles every time I snapped the shutter! Thanks guys! You can tell Bella that she made the website! :)

That's one good looking family!

Dad plays on this golf course, so I'm glad we could get some shots here.
I love this picture! The girls look so innocent!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Avery & Lyla

This mornings session was with two sweet little girls in McKinney! Meet Miss Avery & Miss Lyla! How adorable are they?

Lyla has the most amazing eyes!

Sweet Avery being big sister

I love this shot! I'm so glad that I was able to capture the flag! I'm feeling a little patriotic!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy 9 Months!!

Miss sweet Victoria came back for her 9 month pictures. I'm sad because she'll be graduating out of the baby planner package soon. I've enjoyed seeing them every 3 months. Guess they will just have to have some more babies!!

It was great to see her and her family again. I always get great photos from Victoria. Seriously, she's the cutest thing!!

Love this shot...thought I would get creative and mix some elements together. She was more interested in eating the flowers than looking at us, but it makes for a great shot.

Beautiful eyes!!

What a little princess! She loved being in my pettiskirt!!

Her 9 month onesie! If you're a blog follower, then you've seen her 3 month and 6 month onesies.

Outfit and bow by Miss Glam R Baby!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Very Important News Regarding Future Weekend Sessions For 2009

This year has been such a crazy year for me. As many of you know, I’m getting married in October, which happens to be right in the middle of the busy fall season. I am also training for two ½ marathon races as well and let’s not forget Turkey Day and Christmas!! After I factor in all those dates, I’m not left with many weekends for pictures, so I’m only going to be able to offer limited WEEKEND sessions. Regular sessions are still available Mon-Fri.

Weekend Dates Available:

September 13th, October 4th, & November 15th

If you are unable to book a session during the week, these are the only weekend dates that I am available. My December schedule has not been set yet, so another date may open up. Please contact me ASAP if you need to book one of these days because they will fill up quickly.
Feel free to email or call 469-952-7407 to book an appointment!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Cutest Twins

I'm a little behind on my blogging! I've been mad busy with photography and squeezing in time to work on wedding stuff has made time scarce.
I met up with my first set of twins at a cool new location in Allen! The weather was amazing!! The boys were great! One is a total camera hog and the other took a bit longer to coax a smile, but I managed to capture a few. I hope mom and dad love their preview...I'm sure they've seen them on Facebook, but here they are on the good ole blog!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday!

A special Happy Birthday goes out Miss Kailey! Although it isn't her birthday quite yet, we wanted to get her pictures taken care of. Mom brought this awesome outfit! I'm jealous that I'm not small enough it wear it!

Thanks for coming out!

Sweet Birthday Girl!!

Love this picture

Not sure why I love this picture so much, but I do. It's like she's saying..."Oh, look at my nails"! :)

Our little furry friend that literally was less than 2 feet away from us!

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